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Growatt MOD 20KTL3-X | 3-Phase Inverter


Key Features

  • Photovoltaic inverters have two MPPT inputs
  • Equipped with protection against lightning strikes – AC/DC type II
  •  The inverters have built-in protections that guard against faults caused by material wear. In addition, they guarantee safety against arcing phenomenon (AFCI)
  • The inverters are IP 65 rated, so it can be installed outdoors
  • Qualified installers can remotely check the operating parameters of photovoltaic panels and the power grid
  • Management of the photovoltaic installation is possible thanks to the fully interpolated ShinePhone application
  • Touch screen, with which you can easily and quickly read the operating parameters of the inverter. Guaranteed durability even after a minimum of 20,000 clicks
  • Inverter lightweight, durable and fireproof thanks to the high-strength polycarbonate cover
  • Growatt comprehensive warranty plan
  • 05-years local warranty
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 355,000.00  400,000.00



Buy the Growatt on-grid solar inverter Growatt Growatt MOD 20KTL3-X online or by visiting Tetralink Technologies (TLT) in Lahore at a competitive price from all over Pakistan. Growatt original on-grid and off-grid inverters are available at very reasonable and competitive prices in Pakistan.


Introducing our high-performance inverter, designed to elevate your renewable energy system to new heights. With a maximum string input current of 16A, this inverter ensures efficient and reliable power conversion, enabling seamless integration of solar energy into your home or business.

Equipped with advanced features, this inverter offers superior protection for your system. It boasts a Type II Surge Protective Device (SPD) on both the DC and AC sides. Its safeguard your valuable equipment against voltage spikes and transient surges, providing you with peace of mind and increased system longevity.

The I/V curve scanning capability of this inverter allows for precise tracking and optimization of the solar panel performance, ensuring maximum energy harvest under varying weather conditions. By constantly monitoring the current-voltage relationship, the inverter intelligently adjusts its output to deliver the most efficient power conversion possible.

Furthermore, to enhance system reliability, our advanced inverter incorporates an intelligent string monitoring feature. This cutting-edge technology continuously monitors the performance of individual solar strings, enabling early detection of any potential issues or malfunctions. By taking this proactive approach, the inverter ensures that the overall system operates at its utmost efficiency, minimizing any potential downtime that may arise.

To further meet your specific requirements, this inverter also offers an optional Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) function. AFCI technology detects and mitigates the risk of electrical arcs, providing an additional layer of safety for your solar installation.

Designed with cutting-edge technology and built to the highest quality standards, our inverter is the perfect choice for your e-commerce store. It combines unmatched performance, robust protection, and intelligent monitoring capabilities to maximize the productivity and longevity of your solar energy system. Experience the power of innovation and take control of your renewable energy future with our exceptional inverter.


The Growatt MID 20 TL3-X inverter features an affordable price and high quality. It is certified for the global market and is often used in pro-consumer installations. Growatt inverters can be purchased with self-consumption monitoring devices called Smart Energy Manager. It can also provide flexible CTs for various system sizes with high control accuracy. This has the failsafe function to ensure the safety and reliability of the system. It also has a 0 limit export function.

Three-phase inverter Growatt MOD 20KTL3-X is designed for residential and comercial applications. Available capacities: 15kW, 17kW, 20kW, 25kW, 30kW, 33kW, 36kW, 40kW, 50kW. Inverter is also equipped with a range of advanced features. That make it easy to install and use. It has a user-friendly interface that allows homeowners and installers to monitor system performance and adjust settings as needed. The inverter is also compatible with a range of monitoring systems, including WiFi, Ethernet, and RS485.

Weight 19 kg




Technical Specifications

  • Max. recommended PV power (for module STC) [W] : 30000
  • Max. DC voltage : 1100
  • Nominal Voltage: 580
  • AC nominal power [W] : 20000
  • Max. output current [A] : 41.9
  • Dimensions (W / H / D) [mm] : 525/395/222
  • Weight [kg] : 23
  • MAX. efficiency [%] : 98.75
  • Protection degree: IP65
  • Interfaces: RS232/RS485/CAN/USB
  • Cooling : Smart air cooling
  • Topology : Transformless