Magnetic Pickup (MPU) MSP6729 for Generator


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Key Features:

  • MSP6729
  • 3/8 – 24 UNF-2A Threaded
  • 2.5″ Length with 6′ Shielded Cable
  • All are designed and tested to operate within a temperature range of -65F to 225F (-55C to 105C) .
  • Magnetic Speed Sensors are with Wire Leads

General Description

The Magnetic Pickup (MPU) MSP6729 is used to detect the speed of the prime mover. It is necessary when the prime mover drives something other than an alternator and is often used where an alternator is driven directly by the prime mover and when a control signal is necessary before the alternator comes up to its proper output voltage. A speed sensor circuit, either a section on the governor amplifier chassis or a separate unit, is needed to convert the MPUs output signal to one usable by the governor amplifier.
The magnetic pickup produces a voltage output when any magnetic material moves through the magnetic field at the end of the pickup. Since most engines and turbines have flywheels or other large gears made of magnetic material (usually iron or steel), magnetic pickups can usually be installed without adding attachments to gear or shaft. Nonmagnetic materials, such as aluminum, brass, and some stainless steel, will not excite the magnetic pickup.
The Magnetic Pickup (MPU) MSP6729 makes use of a stray magnetic field and no provision for return magnetic circuits or paths is necessary. Any device which produces a dynamic discontinuity of magnetic material in the field of the pickup will produce an electrical voltage. Although gears are the normal devices measured by an MPU, other devices such as a vibrating surface, moving bar, crank, wheel spokes, or a steel screw head mounted on some moving surface will work equally well if surface speed and other factors are taken into account. The MPU may be excited by a keyway or slot in a wheel, but there is likely to be an unwanted background signal due to the varying density or eccentricity of the material. It is better to excite the MPU from a protrusion on the surface. This places the pickup at a relatively great distance from the materials between excitation periods and it is less likely to pick up stray signals.
The output voltage of a magnetic pickup is affected by three factors.
– Voltage increases with increases in the surface speed of the monitored magnetic material.
– Voltage decreases as the air gap between the magnetic pickup and the surface of the gear tooth is increased.
– Voltage waveform is determined by the size and shape of the gear tooth in relation to the size and shape of the pole piece.
With any given speed and clearance conditions, maximum power output will result when the field is filled with a relatively infinite mass of magnetic material at one instant and a complete absence of such material the next. A reasonable approach to these conditions exists when the cross-section of the exciting masses is equal to or greater than that of the pole piece, and the space between is equal to or greater than three times the diameter of the pole piece



Cummins, GAC

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